Cloud backup solutions: Security for your data

Cloud services: Fast backup & recovery for your M365 data and content

Your data is the heart of your company. With our cloud backup solutions, we ensure that your data is always secure and available. An automated backup system protects you from data loss due to hardware failures, cyber attacks or human error. With Cloud Backup from AvePoint, we have a reliable solution in our product portfolio that guarantees you can quickly restore lost data.

M365 cloud backup: Why you should back up your Microsoft data

The move to the cloud and homeoffice require companies to rethink how they protect their data. Whereas physical backup copies used to be stored in local data centers, the infrastructure has now shifted to the virtual space and is available as a service.

Microsoft & Co advise their customers to use backup and recovery solutions from third-party providers.

Cloud backup & recovery: security & control of your data at all times

Data loss represents a significant risk and can be extremely costly. Even minor data losses can cause damage in the five-figure range, which can quickly add up to millions. Our cloud backup solution enables you to restore your data quickly and completely in the event of a loss. Protect your business from high costs and downtime with our reliable cloud backup solution from AvePoint.


Online access to your data during server outages


from attacks, failures or human error


get the operating process and system up and running again quickly


complete backup for all files, folders, drives, etc.


adaptable to your personal needs


pay only for the storage space you need

The right backup solution for your company

In principle, you can back up Microsoft 365 in two ways:

  • local software (on-premises) or
  • SaaS solution (Software-as-a-Service).

Local backup solutions require considerable manual effort and are only scalable to a limited extent. In contrast, cloud backup offers an efficient and viable option: no physical infrastructure is required and the responsibility for installation, configuration, scaling, network monitoring and maintenance is eliminated. Cloud backup enables seamless scalability and significantly reduces the burden on your IT team, freeing up more resources for strategic tasks.

If you already use Microsoft 365 and need a higher level of data security and recoverability, our SaaS-based backup solution is just the thing.


M365 cloud backup with AvePoint

With AvePoint Cloud Backup, we back up your Microsoft 365 data efficiently and reliably. The solution utilizes advanced SaaS security features and is ISO 27001:2013 certified, which means for you:

  • Meeting your SLAs: with up to four automatic backups per day, even your most stringent SLAs are met.
  • Full data control: You retain unrestricted access to all backup data, even beyond the retention periods specified by Microsoft.
  • Individual recovery processes: You decide which data should be restored, where and when, without needing Microsoft support.
  • Continuous security measures: You can use BYOK (bring your own key), BYOS (bring your own storage) and BYOA (bring your own authentication) solutions for seamless security integration.
  • Customized encryption: You protect your data with unique encryption keys (Azure Key Vault).
  • Flexible data storage: meet data residency requirements with hosted options in Azure or other cloud services
  • Unified authentication: Single sign-on with Microsoft 365 credentials ensures simple and secure authentication.

We back up your business-critical data such as emails, calendars, websites, groups, teams, projects, files and conversations. Our solution offers unlimited, automated backups and flexible storage locations for maximum security and efficiency.

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