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Better protected with awareness training

If you have already protected your software and hardware well against cyber attacks, the weak link in the information security chain is still people and employees. Do not let malware penetrate your company's work through the misconduct of your employees. The awareness training of GRNTR.IT trains your employees regarding phishing mails and cyber attacks and sensitises them for more IT security, cyber and data protection.

Your benefits from GRTNR.IT Awareness Training

Improved know-how on information and data security

Strengthens security awareness and responsible handling of data

Prevention of cyber attacks

Protects corporate network sustainably

Communicates (counter-) measures, behaviour and reporting obligations

Strengthens corporate security as a whole


The in-depth GRTNR.IT Security Awareness Training consolidates knowledge about the risks of your IT infrastructure. The training is an important building block in every security strategy and involves all relevant employees - from managers to the IT department and individual employees. The training content is adapted to your level of knowledge and your industry and tailored to your security concept. We strengthen cyber security awareness in your company with examples from your industry.

Continuous Security-Awareness-Training

GRTNR.IT Security Awareness Training is exciting and challenging for every staff member. It takes place on an ongoing basis so that progress can be measured and additional training can be targeted where it is most needed.

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