BSI-qualified cyber security package

Cyber security package for companies

GRTNR.IT has developed a comprehensive cyber security package that offers a sustainable solution to protect your PC, programs, emails and networks from digital attacks. With the increasing interconnectedness and the need for digital technology for daily business processes, it has become essential to fully protect against cyber threats.

Data Compliance

Secure email archiving and backup solutions

Secure e-mail archiving protects your data from unauthorized access and regulates who can read, edit and delete which e-mails. Backup solutions ensure that no data is lost, even in the event of human or technical error.

Our partners' servers (Mimecast and AvePoint) are located in Germany and meet strict compliance and GDPR requirements. Automated monitoring capabilities help ensure compliance and prevent risk.

Next Generation Security

Real-time endpoint detection and response

Classic anti-virus programs reach their limits with today's complexity of malware. With FortiClient from Fortinet, we offer a compact solution that combines protection, compliance and secure access in a single client. The security software runs on the endpoint and communicates with the Fortinet Security Fabric.

FortiEDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) identifies and stops breaches and attacks without disrupting business operations with innovative endpoint security, real-time visibility, analytics, protection, and remediation.

Work Protection

All-in-one security solutions

With Mimecast's new X1 security platform, we offer a fully integrated security system that provides proactive protection for communications, people and data.

Unlike siloed solutions, the X1 Advanced integrative security platform seamlessly merges email collaboration security, security awareness training platform, and compliance-secure data retention solutions and is much more powerful. In this way, we ensure first-class protection for the interfaces between communication, people and data.

Phishing Proof MFA

Multi-factor authentication

With AuthN by IDEE, we offer our customers a secure and passwordless authentication solution. By verifying the user via the TPM security chip (which is already present on current end devices), the unauthorized disclosure of critical log-in data to third parties is prevented.

Thanks to the support of standard interfaces such as SAML 2.0, the authentication solution can be flexibly integrated into any IT environment. This reduces both internal human error and external threats of any kind.

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