Rent PCs, laptops and tablets

A comprehensive hardware portfolio as Device as a Service

With the interesting DaaS model, GRTNR.IT takes over the set-up and maintenance of the IT environment of companies and equips workplaces with modern devices.

Companies can obtain powerful IT devices such as PCs, laptops or tablets for a monthly service price without having to pay high acquisition costs. GRTNR.IT offers extensive services for the devices (hardware).

Your advantages of our Devices-as-a-Service services

Wide range of different devices: PCs, laptops and tablets

Free delivery of the desired devices to your company location

Devices are fully configured on delivery and ready for immediate use

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, your IT is always at the cutting edge of technology

All devices are branded products of the leading manufacturer Acer and Microsoft

In an emergency, the replacement/exchange unit is delivered immediately

Rent PC, laptop and tablet instead of buying

The life cycles of technical devices are very short and are becoming shorter and shorter. For companies and IT departments, it is hardly possible any more to compare and choose the "right" devices for the employees' workplaces among the abundance of end devices. This is the task of GRTNR.IT: thanks to DaaS, companies are always up to date with their hardware, and the one-off investment costs become easily plannable ongoing service costs. With the rental-installed-purchase model, the number of end devices can be flexibly expanded at any time and the changeover to a newer model is possible at any time.

DaaS: Best IT equipment and service included

The GRTNR.IT-DaaS model includes the maintenance of your end devices and takes over numerous services, such as:

  • Device configuration (equipment with corresponding software)
  • Endpoint security
  • Data deletion in the event of loss of an endpoint device
  • Immediate replacement or exchange of the end device in case of problems
  • Helpdesk
  • Disposal of the endpoint device and secure data erasure at the end of its life cycle

GRTNR.IT-DaaS eases the burden on your IT

GRTNR.IT-DaaS relieves the burden on companies and IT departments in that all tasks relating to the end devices, such as set-up, maintenance, replacement or return, are carried out by the DaaS specialists and your employees can get started immediately.

Devices as a Service increases your IT-Security

Outdated or unmaintained end devices are a major security problem for corporate networks: GRTNR.IT-DaaS ensures that all end devices are equipped with appropriate security software and are regularly provided with updates. This closes an open security gap and gives phishing emails or hackers no chance.

DaaS for your entire workplace

GRTNR.IT-DaaS includes a wide range of products and thus covers the complete workplace of your employees: from desktop PCs to laptops and tablets - suitable for any workplace, no matter how complex or mobile. Instead of individual components, the complete workplace is equipped. The flexible model takes into account the individual and different needs of the employees and also that shorter update cycles are necessary for certain workplaces and employees.

Do you still have questions about DaaS?

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