Security strategy for your e-mail communication

E-mails are the most important means of communication for companies, public institutions, associations, social institutions, freelancers and students. This is precisely why they are also the most frequent gateway for hackers and scammers. If cyber criminals paralyse your IT system or steal data, you will suffer a great deal of damage. The bad news is that you (usually) only notice the threat when it is already too late. The good news is that we can protect you against phishing and malware.

Your advantage of our e-mail security services

E-mail security efficiency due to cloud-based solution

Threat detection through the support of AI technology

Reliable Protection through security configuration in the shortest possible time

Flexibility due to individual customising (with/without gateway)

Technical support from our experts

Technical support from our experts

Integration into existing IT and security system due to open API

How to improve your E-Mail security

The e-mail security experts at GRTNR.IT develop a customised security solution for every company. Since 2018, we have been successfully cooperating with Mimecast - one of the leading cloud providers for cyber protection - and developing customised solutions for small and large companies to detect threats from cyber attacks and protect company data. We install Mimecast in front of your email solution and your emails are scanned for dangerous content outside your IT infrastructure.

E-mail security also includes data protection

We help you protect your sensitive data, because the handling of personal data is regulated by law according to the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). The GRTNR.IT security specialists support you with automated corrective measures, recovery of your data after an attack and effective risk management to minimise damage.

Do you still have questions about email security?

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