Endpoint Protection Service for secure, digital workplaces

Endpoint security made simple

Protect your end devices with our Endpoint Security Service. We install the lightweight FortiClient software on each of your end devices - whether PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone - which regularly checks and monitors your workstation. With FortiClient as part of our comprehensive cyber security package, we offer you protection, compliance and secure access - from anywhere.

Your advantages of the endpoint agent from Fortinet

With integrated VPN functions and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNC), you can securely access all company resources - no matter where you are.

Thanks to advanced threat detection and defense, you are protected against cyber attacks. Vulnerable endpoints are detected and automatically isolated.

Uniform guidelines for user access and transparent inventory management ensure that your end devices comply with security standards.

Endpoint security in a nutshell

With our Endpoint Security Service with FortiClient, you are always one step ahead. FortiClient from Fortinet is one of the leading security solutions on the market. FortiClient communicates seamlessly with the Fortinet Security Fabric to provide comprehensive visibility and control. This means that FortiClient continuously transmits information about the status and activities of your endpoints to the Fortinet Security Fabric. This integration enables the Security Fabric to provide a complete, up-to-date picture of your network's security posture and respond as necessary:

  • Unusual behaviour can be quickly identified and threats neutralized before they can cause damage.
  • You get a comprehensive overview of the security status of all endpoints in your network, enabling proactive management and rapid response to security incidents.
  • Using the information provided by FortiClient, the Security Fabric can automatically enforce security policies on your endpoints.

Endpoint Security - more than just security

Endpoint security means more than just basic protection against threats. It's about developing a universal security strategy that covers all aspects of your IT infrastructure. Modern endpoint security solutions such as FortiClient not only offer protection against malware and cyber attacks, but also minimize your risks, increase the efficiency of your IT team and reduce your costs.

Reduced risks

By implementing FortiClient, you significantly minimize the attack surface of your IT infrastructure. With advanced security features such as real-time threat detection, malware protection and web filtering, you can ensure that your endpoints are always protected - even when you or your IT team are on vacation or at the weekend.

Increased efficiency

FortiClient is characterized by its simple administration and fast implementation. Thanks to a centralized management platform, you (or we for you) can efficiently monitor and manage all endpoints. Automatic updating and deployment of security policies saves time and resources, allowing your IT team to focus on strategic tasks. In addition, seamless integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric enables a unified security strategy that further reduces administrative overhead.

Cost savings

Using FortiClient helps to avoid the costs of security incidents and compliance breaches. By effectively protecting your endpoints, you reduce the risk of costly cyber-attacks, which are often associated with data loss, business disruption and costly recovery efforts. In addition, FortiClient helps you meet compliance requirements and thus avoid fines and other financial penalties. The automation of compliance checks and adherence to security guidelines also contribute to cost efficiency.

AI-supported security: FortiGuard

FortiGuard Labs is Fortinet's leading threat intelligence and cyber security research organization dedicated to providing AI-powered security services:

  • FortiGuard Antivirus Service – protection against new polymorphic attacks, viruses malware ...
  • FortiGuard Inline Malware Prevention Service – real-time inspection to protect against unknown threats, zero days and complex attacks
  • FortiGuard URL Filtering – AI-powered behavioral analysis to immediately block unknown and dangerous URLs
  • Bot – malicious IP source data is collected

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