HAAS – Hire hardware instead of buying

Fortinet Firewall – Next generation Cyber Security

A firewall is essential protection for your IT and your network. Without a firewall, you risk unauthorised access causing immense damage to your business - from taking over sensitive data to completely paralysing your system.

Although every computer is already equipped with firewall protection (software) as standard, many security gaps remain open, which GRTNR.IT closes with the Fortinet firewall hardware. The firewall hardware is installed directly behind your router and checks incoming communication and data traffic from there. The far-reaching and intelligent checking functions detect threats reliably and quickly.

Your advantages of our Hardware-as-a-Service solutions

Best performance in threat protection

Scalable, expandable security functions

Intelligent security protection "next generation“

Highest ease of use and manageability

Reduces the total cost of ownership

Short implementation and lead times

Regular security updates

Network segmentation

Hire a firewall instead of buying one

When it comes to cyber security, over 590,000 companies worldwide rely on Fortinet's security solutions. Together with the industry leader, we offer a powerful and innovative IT security solution:  Hardware as a Service as a rental model.

If you do not want to invest in your own firewall hardware, but want IT security at the highest level - the GRTNR.IT hardware-as-service rental model provides you with many advantages:Finanzierung:

  • no purchase, no investment, no capital commitment, no leasing
  • Use: Small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise customers and public institutions
  • Updates, maitanance and GRTNR.IT-Support-Service
  • Hardware replacement (if necessary) is ready the very next day
  • Term: 36 Months

GRTNR-IT-HaaS – Comprehensive Unified Threat Management

The GRTNR.IT HaaS specialists provide customers with a comprehensive security solution that bundles many security and network functions in one appliance - so that you are sustainably protected against e-mail and web-based cyberattacks:

  • Application Control
  • IPD
  • Anti-Virus
  • Botnet
  • IP/Domain Reputation
  • Anti-Spam
  • Mobile-Malware-Service
  • Webfilter (Web & DNS Filter)
  • FortiCare 24x7
  • FortiSandbox Cloud
  • Virus Outbreak Protection
  • Content Disarm & Reconstruction

FortiGate Cloud Firewall

By using the cloud-based firewall technology "FortiGate", GRTNR.IT sets up a management platform for your firewall at your premises, whichZeit und Ressourcen spart

  • Quickly installed and ready for use
  • Scalable to thousands of devices
  • Zero investment
  • Provides comprehensive transparency
  • Expandable (FortiSwitch, FortiAp)
  • Comprehensive reporting.

FortiClient protection for end devices

FortiClient delivers the best protection for your endpoints. With FortiClient, we offer companies proactive endpoint security protection. So that you minimise risks and exclude attacks and damage:

  • Transparency due to real-time monitoring and risk alert
  • Proactive protection due to latest anti-malware
  • Remote access for employees via VPN

FortCare HaaS Support Service

Through FortiCare, we are there for you around the clock, whenever you need technical support. We're always at your side with web, chat and phone support. And if a hardware replacement is ever needed, it will be shipped the very next business day - even before you return the original device. We'll get the original back at our expense!

Do you still have questions about the GRTNR.IT-Haas service?

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