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Successfully mastering H2 NIS2: We help you to comply with EU regulations

The security of network and information systems is becoming increasingly important due to growing cyber threats. The NIS2 directive sets new legal standards for this, which a large number of companies in Europe must follow. As a specialized MSSP service provider, we offer you reliable support to not only master the challenges of the NIS2 directive, but to use them as an opportunity for improved IT and operational security.

NIS2 Directive: Implementation obligation for companies

The NIS 2 Directive defines new EU-wide guidelines and requirements for network and information security that must be implemented by all affected companies.

This update significantly expands the group of affected companies. In Germany alone, over 30,000 companies are affected and will have to review their IT security measures and adapt them to the new requirements.

It is the responsibility of the companies themselves to check whether they are affected by NIS2

NIS2 obligation also brings benefits for companies

Companies that are subject to NIS2 benefit from the implementation of the measures in many ways:


for customer and company data


against hacker attacks and cybercrime

Strengthened trust

from customers and business partners


of legel EU and safety regulations


of the operational business risk


of high fines due to infringements

We help you to implement the NIS2 requirements

The NIS2 directive is a central pillar of the security strategy of affected companies.

We support you in meeting the NIS2 requirements: With our expertise in IT security, we guide you safely through the process of implementation and help you to continuously ensure the security of your systems.

The NIS2 directive does not set out specific technical measures, but refers to established industry standards and fundamental security objectives.

The NIS2 Directive means for companies, managing directors & decision-makers ...

With the introduction of NIS2 in Germany, the new EU directive requires business owners and CEOs to ensure that the company takes into account and implements all the security measures listed in the NIS2 regulation.

CISOs (IT security officers) in your team are faced with the task of adapting security strategies to cyber security requirements and ensuring compliance. In the event of security incidents, CISOs are also required to report within 72 hours and work closely with the relevant authorities, such as the BSI in Germany.

In the event of non-compliance with the NIS2 regulations, entrepreneurs and managing directors are personally liable for any risks or damage incurred.

You can rely on our expertise as a professional MSSP company. With our technical expertise, many years of experience and our extensive human resources, we are at your side to effectively implement the NIS2 requirements.

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