Safest multi-factor authentications


Passwords are among the best-known and probably also the oldest IT security techniques. But unfortunately also among the weakest. A large proportion of data breaches can be traced back to weak and hacked passwords. 

With the two most secure multi-factor authentication solutions available in the market, we protect our customers against cyber attacks:

  • AI-based cyber security with RSA: Unified Identity Platform
  • Passwordless MFA through AuthN by IDEE: no password, no second device


Safe & effective with ID Plus (hardware authenticator) & mobile lock

Transparency & control through unified identity and ascess management

Convenient & fast als employees can authenticate from anywhere

Your advantages with AuthN by IDEE - Authentication as a Service

Protects reliably against phishing without a password

Extremely easy for users thanks to biometric data

Compliance-secure because each authentication is unique

Reduces administrative effort and costs

Plug-n-play as well as API and SDK integration

Easy installation (Authenticator App or Web-AuthN)

MFA: Highest protection at lowest cost

Even though companies are working on password security by shortening intervals or introducing 2FA (two-factor authentication), user profiles and thus corporate networks are not sufficiently protected against phishing. The solution to this is AuthN by IDEE with passwordless, zero-trust and multi-factor authentication to stop phishing and password-based attacks while minimising management costs:

  • no data breaches
  • no attacks
  • less cost and administrative effort due to fewer costly security incidents
  • higher operational efficiency

Passwordless authentication for more security

When it comes to authentication security, GRTNR.IT makes no compromises and relies on the strengths of AuthN by IDEE:

  • 100 % passwordless
  • Zero Trust, Zero Knowledge and Zero PII
  • decentralised credentials
  • Identity proof
  • Simple activity management
  • Backup and restore of data
  • multi-access management
  • active defence against insider threats
  • identity binding to the device
  • remote logout

Simplified security management

Special features of AuthN by IDEE, such as the simple user self-service portal and management APIs, help automate authentication. In addition, integration into other applications is very easy via plug-and-play. Global standards such as SAML enable the integration of AuthN by IDEE from cloud applications as well as legacy applications. Thus, GRTNR.IT. can integrate the phishing-proof MFFA into your existing IT architecture (e.g. Microsoft, Okta, Forgerock, Ping, Keycloak and many more) in just a few minutes.

Modern authentication mechanisms

AuthN by IDEE completely dispenses with central logon databases, which also reduces internal threats and employee errors. Authentication relies exclusively on biometric data (e.g. fingerprint) and the identity is confirmed via the respective end device - the sensitive identity data does not leave the device. Web applications access the Web Authentication API.

Data protection and compliance compliant

With AuthN by IDEE, companies are on the safe side when it comes to data protection and compliance: no personal information is stored and only the user has "control" over their data.

Do you still have questions about MFA?

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