SaaS software solutions

GRTNR.IT's SaaS services enable companies to use individual software solutions or complete software packages without having to purchase them. GRTNR.IT takes care of this from set-up to maintenance. Use is via the web browser and a user-oriented subscription fee is paid. Specialised in Microsoft 365, GRTNR.IT enables companies to work optimally under secure conditions.

Your advantages of our Software-as-a-Service services

Work with the software independent of location and time. Access is via the web server - possible from any end device.

Flexible billing through payment of actual consumption. Depending on usage, the SaaS service is scaled down or up (pay as you use).

Access to sophisticated applications (such as CRM, ERP) without having to purchase, update and maintain hardware, middleware and software.

A lack of internal human resources or cloud knowledge is compensated for by GRNTR.IT's manpower and cloud and IT expertise.

Client software can be used free of charge so that editing can be done directly via the web browser without having to purchase and install software for users.

Business interruptions and downtime are minimised through fast backup solutions and data recovery.


Instead of purchasing Word, Excel, Power Point and Co as a standalone software or software package, it can be used on a subscription basis via the GRTNR.IT SaaS deployment model. Without entry costs and installation effort, Microsoft Office 365 is quickly ready for use and can be made available to an infinite number of users.

Your SaaS-Business-Motor

In contrast to on-premise software solutions, when using GRTNR.IT SaaS solutions you benefit from the fact that you and your employees can work with the software from anywhere: in your company, on business trips or in the home office.

Flexible working promotes the agility of your company. Remote working is becoming increasingly important. Even if a company PC is not always available, you can still use all programmes and work efficiently. If you need Microsoft 365 for additional employees quickly and at short notice, the GRTNR.IT SaaS model can be used to quickly roll out and connect the new employees. Security, speed and data protection remain unaffected. Investment costs become ongoing (user-oriented) operating expenses, which facilitate transparent budgeting.

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